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how to be average

Now let me be the first to tell you that I am guilty of many of these things, so I am by no means tooting my horn here.  This living average thing definitely hit close to home with me. There are many things that I keep telling myself will happen in my life or future, but guess what…our future is created in the present. With that said, I am actively fighting the “average” scenario depicted in this picture and not allowing my dreams to remain dreams. This  image can also be tied into my last post about “What Is Normal?”. I mean a lot this image fits right into what we see in movies, the media and how we’ve been brought up to expect life to be. And I’m not saying the so called “average” life that this cartoon depicts is a bad thing either. A lot of people have followed this very timeline and are great people and were more than happy doing it. The world needs dedicated hard workers in all social classes. However, I do think this illustration should cause us to step back and examine the path we are on and ask ourselves are we living life we want to be.



I have tried to do this very thing as of late and that is why I related to it so well when I saw it.

Initially if I see a female that catches my eye I no longer allow myself to leave and wonder what if. Nope I roll right up without any expectations and speak the truth. I say Hello and then tell her whatever it is I wanted to, which is kind and respectable of course, ha. And whatever happens, happens. But regardless of the outcome I get to leave without any regrets or a myriad of wonder ifs’.

Now this can be applied to many another scenarios outside of you speaking to a man or woman that catches your eye. We should all aim to live a life where we are presently erasing the chance for regret.

With this said I also relate to the desire to break away from the monotonous and mundane text book exchanges that this comic labeled “club passwords”. Tell me something real. Ask me something original. Let’s share something we both won’t forget.

“Everyone Carries a Piece of the Puzzle”

Don’t risk leaving out a piece of your puzzle


It always seems that we think we would be happier if we were in different circumstances, but chances are the thing we desire to be probably also desires to be something else too. Being happy in your own company is a huge accomplishment.

We Are Never Happy