About Me

Robert Mudge

Hi, my name is Robert Mudge, a 31 year old from Ormond Beach, Florida. The night of August 19, 2001 would change my life forever. On this night I was in a car accident that took one of my best friends from this world and left me as a quadriplegic. Since then my main focus has been my physical recovery. The recovery from a spinal cord injury depends hugely upon the extent or which vertebrae was injured during the trauma. In my case I broke my neck at the 5th and 6th cervical vertebrae, which classifies me as a quadriplegic resulting in an impairment in all 4 of my limbs. With this said, I’ve needed to devote as much of my time to my recovery as I possibly can. But that creates a problem because most of us devote about 60% of our day or time to working or a job so that we can support ourselves financially.

Think about that for a second, how do most of us make money?…We trade in our time for it. The problem this creates for me is that if I give up my time in order to work a 9-5 job, I then give up my time to work on my physical recovery and that’s not an option right now.

This TIME allocation predicament began my search of finding a way to leverage my time in the most efficient manner and to create a residual income, so I would be able to continue on my road to physical recovery. I began with Amway and I felt like a greyhound chasing an un-catchable rabbit around the track. Then I had some close friends entice me into joining an unfruitful MLM called FHTM. The most recent MLM I had joined was Visalus and it was a much better experience. I loved the product and improved my health and lost weight because of it. The problem was all these ventures were much more difficult than they described them to be. On top of this I was chasing my friends and family to have them purchase whatever it was I was selling, and that just wasn’t suited for me.

So I decided to see if I could use the internet to solve my money making woes and in turn this blog was created. And so a new chapter of my life began. I have no idea where this will lead, but I’m here to find out.

You’ll find an array of things here ranging from infographics, amazing artists, my thoughts on life and relationships, and many things in between.

Thanks for reading this and I hope you enjoy your visit. And if you know of any ways to help me solve my time/money riddle, please feel free to share.

Here’s a video I shot a few years ago that shows my physical progression since being injured: