Earning $ While Blogging


First before I explain how I’m making money blogging let me share with you the type of marketing that makes it possible.

Online affiliate marketing is hosting hyperlinks, banners, and product info on a blog or website and then getting compensated with a flat fee or percentage of a sale whenever visitors click through these links and make a purchase.

affiliate_marketingThe affiliate program that I’m involved with rewards me with 100% commissions, that fact alone should catch your interest because I don’t know of any other affiliate program that rewards you on 100% of your work. Another bonus is is that you aren’t necessarily promoting a physical product, but rather an education system. This education system teaches you all the ins and outs of how to leverage your time and be successful on the internet. So, in laymen’s terms you join up with this affiliate program, educate yourself, implement the strategies you learned and then you get rewarded to help others do the same. You free yourself and then you get to help others do the same.

Upon joining you’ll gain access to countless videos and resources that will aid in your success online. Also once you become an affiliate you will be given a pre-made traffic Dictionary definition of Knowledgegathering blog with links already embedded. OR you can just implement these strategies on your current WordPress blog where you already have an audience and your own preexisting footprint.

Here’s what the included blogging platform looks like: http://socialmediabar.com/moneyblogger

Click on the Earn While You BLOG banner to the left or click the image below to watch a free video that will show you what’s possible online.

If you have questions feel free to ask me: giveupnever82@gmail.com or Connect With Me<—Here



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