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This past Saturday me and my dad went to the Oceanside Pier in California to eat at a restaurant called Ruby’s that sits at the end of the pier. Upon arriving we found it extra difficult to find a parking spot and had no idea why. Once we found a spot and reached the pier I learned that it the Ford Supergirl Pro surf contest was going on and that was the reason for the increase of people. So we watched a little of the contest and then proceeded to the end of the pier to have a late lunch at Ruby’s, which was delicious.

As we made our way back up the pier I noticed it was a bit more crowded and figured it was because it was just later in the day. I managed to find an open spot to look out and watch the surfing. While watching I noticed one of the surfers didn’t have an arm, and then it clicked who I was getting to watch. It was Bethany Hamilton from the movie Soul Surfer. It was amazing to say the least to watch her. I used to to surf before my injury and let me tell you, it’s no easy task paddling out and this girl is doing it with one arm. She not only was able to surf, but she was awesome and powerful once she was up. I couldn’t help but get choked up knowing what she has fought through to be doing what she was doing.

Here are some pictures I got of her in the process of standing and paddling out:



When I came across these images the other day my eyes leaked and I was moved beyond words, so I felt compelled to share them here with you also. I hope they impact you in some memorable way also.


Navy chaplain Luis Padillo gives last rites to a soldier wounded by sniper fire during a revolt in Venezuela.


A North Korean man waves his hand as a South Korean relative weeps, following a luncheon meeting during inter-Korean temporary family reunions at Mount Kumgang resort October 31, 2010. Four hundred and thirty-six South Koreans were allowed to spend three days in North Korea to meet their 97 North Korean relatives, whom they had been separated from since the 1950-53 war.


A Romanian child hands a heart-shaped balloon to riot police during protests against austerity measures in Bucharest.


Australian Scott Jones kisses his Canadian girlfriend Alex Thomas after she was knocked to the ground by a police officer’s riot shield in Vancouver, British Columbia. Canadians rioted after the Vancouver Canucks lost the Stanley Cup to the Boston Bruins.


Retired Philadelphia Police Captain Ray Lewis is arrested for participating in the Occupy Wall Street protests in 2011.


A monk prays for an elderly man who had died suddenly while waiting for a train in Shanxi Taiyuan, China.

A dog named “Leao” sits for a second consecutive day at the grave of her owner, who died in the disastrous landslides near Rio de Janiero on January 15, 2011.


John F. Kennedy Jr. salutes his father’s coffin along with the honor guard.


Christians protect Muslims during prayer in the midst of the uprisings in Cairo, Egypt, in 2011.

Robert Peraza pauses at his son’s name on the 9/11 Memorial during the tenth anniversary ceremonies at the site of the World Trade Center.


A girl in isolation for radiation screening looks at her dog through a window in Nihonmatsu, Japan on March 14.


Journalists Euna Lee and Laura Ling, who had been arrested in North Korea and sentenced to 12 years hard labor, are reunited with their families in California after a successful diplomatic intervention by the U.S.


The iconic photo of Tank Man, the unknown rebel who stood in front of a column of Chinese tanks in an act of defiance following the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989.


A Sudan People’s Liberation Army soldier stands at attention on the eve of South Sudan’s independence from Sudan.


Eight-year-old Christian Golczynski accepts the flag for his father, Marine Staff Sgt. Marc Golczynski, during a memorial service. Marc Golczynski was shot on patrol during his second tour in Iraq (which he had volunteered for) just a few weeks before he was due to return home.


“La Jeune Fille a la Fleur,” a photograph by Marc Riboud, shows the young pacifist Jane Rose Kasmir planting a flower on the bayonets of guards at the Pentagon during a protest against the Vietnam War on October 21, 1967. The photograph would eventually become the symbol of the flower power movement.


Terri Gurrola is reunited with her daughter after serving in Iraq for 7 months.


Helen Fisher kisses the hearse carrying the body of her 20-year-old cousin, Private Douglas Halliday, as he and six other fallen soldiers are brought through the town of Wootton Bassett in England.



During a 5 month stint on the International Space Station a Canadian astronaut named Chris Hadfield documented his time by posting  Twitter photographs and YouTube videos (Both of these grew immensely following his posts from space). And to celebrate his last day aboard the craft he released a rendition of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity.” Once the video was uploaded to YouTube it was viewed more than a million times in the 18 hours.

The “Space Oddity” cover was something Hadfield had wanted to do and had began planning for before he left earth on December 19. Due to a healthy dose of international copyright issues, he needed to work with Bowie himself and his team, NASA and the Canadian Space Agency before his launch in December.

Some may ask why he would do this. Chris Hadfield hinted at some possible reasoning in a different farewell-to-space video: “Who’d have thought that five months away from the planet would make you feel closer to people?” he asked. “Not closer because I miss them — just closer because seeing this [experience] this way and being able to share it through all the media that we’ve used has allowed me to get a direct reflection back immediately from so many people. … It makes me feel like I’m actually with people more, that we’re having a conversation. That this experience is not individual, but it’s shared and it’s worldwide.”

I believe this also was an amazing way to put the space program back on the map. Especially, with the recent closing of the Space Shuttle Program.




I came across this yesterday and it gave me such an uplifting feeling, so I wanted to pay it forward by sharing it with you all. This is a picture of a free school for slum children under a metro bridge in New Delhi, India. Rajesh Kumar Sharma, uses black boards painted on a building wall to teach at least 30 children from nearby poor villages free of cost for the last three years.

Sharma dedicates 2 hours out of every week day for this cause. He was forced to drop out of college due to financial difficulties, so he decided to start the free school in hopes of sparing these children the same difficulties he faced. After convincing their parents to allow them a 2 hour break from their work, he manages to keep them ahead of the school curriculum.


Full story here:


crouching-tiger-hidden-dragon2 A sequel to Oscar-winning martial arts film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is in the works.

According to Deadline, the new movie will begin filming in Asia this May. Original helmer Ang Lee will not be returning, but producer Harvey Weinstein is in talks with Ronnie Yu, an experienced Chinese director whose English-language movies include Freddy Vs Jason andThe 51st State.

The sequel’s script has been written by John Fusco, who previously penned both Young Guns movies and Forbidden Kingdom, a 1998 martial arts flick starring Jackie Chan and Jet Li. Fusco has based his script on the same series of novels by late Chinese author Wang Du Lu that inspired the original film.

The sequel will centre on Yu Shu Lien, the character played byMichelle Yeoh in the first film. The original also starred Chow Yun-Fat but casting for the follow-up will not take place until its director has been confirmed.

Fusco told Deadline the sequel “introduces a new generation of star-crossed lovers, and a new series of antagonists in a battle of good and evil”, adding: “It’s so vast and rich, and I found characters from the second and third books in the series to create a most interesting stew while being as true to the source material as I could be.”

Released in 2000, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon became the highest-grossing foreign language film in US box office history and raked in over $213m (£135m) worldwide. It later won four Oscars including the award for best foreign language film.



California-based design studio Swatt Miers Architects have designed the Garay House project. Completed in 2010, this contemporary property can be found in Tiburon, California, USA.

According to the architects: “The owners wished of one day transforming their low, one-storey home into a setting befitting their spectacular site perched above San Francisco Bay. Their dreams began to be realized in 2005 with the design of an extention, coupled with the complete renovation of their existing contemporary Californian house.

“The site is a half-acre south-facing hillside parcel, with unobstructed views of San Francisco Bay to the south, east and west. Responding to the physical conditions of the site, the new contemporary Californian house is almost entirely opaque on the north side where a new entrance motor court is defined by a rhythm of five ‘free-standing’ stone-clad walls. Slivers of glass separate the stone panels, creating a strong rhythm while giving little hint of the extraordinary spaces and views on the other side.

“The progression of space begins with a low, compressed entry, leading to a higher circulation spine. Bathed in light from clerestory windows and skylights, the spine overlooks the new living, dining and kitchen ‘pavilion’, and new south-facing terraces, with world-class views of San Francisco Bay beyond. Frameless glazing, pocketing glass doors, and dramatic cantilevered roof extensions seamlessly connect interior space to exterior space, blurring the boundary between two.”