how to be average

Now let me be the first to tell you that I am guilty of many of these things, so I am by no means tooting my horn here.  This living average thing definitely hit close to home with me. There are many things that I keep telling myself will happen in my life or future, but guess what…our future is created in the present. With that said, I am actively fighting the “average” scenario depicted in this picture and not allowing my dreams to remain dreams. This  image can also be tied into my last post about “What Is Normal?”. I mean a lot this image fits right into what we see in movies, the media and how we’ve been brought up to expect life to be. And I’m not saying the so called “average” life that this cartoon depicts is a bad thing either. A lot of people have followed this very timeline and are great people and were more than happy doing it. The world needs dedicated hard workers in all social classes. However, I do think this illustration should cause us to step back and examine the path we are on and ask ourselves are we living life we want to be.

  1. collynblake says:

    I love this! Totally struggling right now because I already felt behind in my life. Not at the “Normal” stage for my age. I’ve not done anything the traditional way and I was close to being traditional, when I had my accident. It’s hard to go against normal and average. I don’t want to be average and I don’t want to trudge mindlessly, but I’m not sure how my “new normal” will fit into life. Not sure that is making any sense. Maybe I need to hash it out in my blog…

    • Rahburt says:

      “normal” is an illusion so don’t stress yourself out :). what you said totally made sense, i get it. you are trying to find the balance between average and directionless.

      • collynblake says:

        OMG- balance between average and directionless is probably the most brilliant way to describe my life- EVER!! You my friend are extremely insightful 🙂

      • Rahburt says:

        ha, thank you! i think it’s a pretty good place to be considering some much more crazy combinations out there 🙂

  2. renxkyoko says:

    Actually I’d like to be normal, except, what is normal? Whatever it is, I know I don’t need any aggravation. Life is hard enough as it is.

    • Rahburt says:

      the fantastic thing is normal can be whatever you want it to be 🙂 you can read my last post discussing that very idea.

  3. Excellent reminder! I am definitely guilty of 7 and 8 (sounds like confessional doesn’t it!!!?) but I’m hoping they are not the worst ones! 😆 I’m working on it though – the novel. The language might have to come after I’ve completed the novel! 🙂

    There are two things that put me off learning a language – 1) Very time consuming and involves lots of repetitive phrases – I don’t like repetitive! 2) How do I know I’m learning the correct language and not some stupid text book stuff that no-one speaks any more! My French for example could end up coming out like this – (skip video to 34 seconds to see example of bad French!) This was a very popular TV sitcom in the 80’s, and laughably stays in my mind whenever I think about learning French!! That’s my excuse anyway! 😀

    But on a more serious note, we really shouldn’t just swim where all the other fish are swimming without knowing where we are going to end up – could be in the sharks mouth! I’ve always had a bit of an independent streak, like to do things my own way. So much in fact, that I left school when I was 13, because I just couldn’t stand another day surrounded by a bunch of fools that didn’t want to learn, and didn’t want me to learn either – and I include the teachers in that statement!

    I’ve learnt all I needed to learn always exactly at the right moment in my life so far, and that is all anyone will ever need. I feel very sorry for people who have been lured into believing they needed to go to University because everyone else was going, and then to find they had studied all the wrong subjects, or it gave them no guarantee of a job, leaving them in serious debt for years. That’s called – being had! And certainly no way to live life! 🙂

    • Rahburt says:

      haha, i’m glad you confessed. they are already not the worst ones because you are aware of them, that counts for a lot.v and since you are actively working on them. i’m guilty of a few myself and i am actively fighting the idea of working my life away and not getting to travel. i got my degree and wanted to learn, but i did naively think it would make a career magically appear like you said some think.

      i agree it is very time consuming. i took like 5 years of spanish over the years and i mainly stored it in my short term memory just to pass the tests. and i get what you are saying about perhaps just learning text book stuff and not the actual spoken language. haha, that little tid bit was quite funny. i was like what did he just say?? 🙂

      you most certainly did swim your own creek. that’s awesome that you were so thirsty to learn that you left to go find it yourself.

      i loved when you said this: I’ve learnt all I needed to learn always exactly at the right moment in my life so far, and that is all anyone will ever need.what a beautiful thing. and you are right life is so much more than just text book knowledge. life itself is a magnificent teacher and has no favorites nor mercy.

  4. ashadeofpen says:

    you know you always have that one clinching point in ur post that make people fall in love with it..the comic illustration is truly awesome and shows why we need to be out of the box and be what we can be…
    but my favorite part of the post…. it has to be this cracker of a line..
    “our future is created in the present”

    Indeed… life is boring when we are average.. I love to be weird crazy funny…so what if others do not least I love me and I know you do too 🙂 🙂

    • Rahburt says:

      thank you! it sounds like something you’ll be seeing on one of other social networks in the future, ha. and really great to hear this kind feedback from a writer of your caliber :). a big smile filled my face :). haha, yup i do love my wonderfully sweet shruti bunny!

  5. IzaakMak says:

    Wow, awesome graphic! 😀

  6. Definitely thought provoking=)

  7. Sam Han says:

    Being true to yourself is a choice not chance. Whatever we want to be, we can. But then again, do we really want to be “not” normal? I think it boils down to personality. Some are risk takers while others are not. If we are not happy with our current life, we should do something that is out of our “ordinary”. If we do the same thing, we will get the same result. So, agreeing with the comments above… definitely a thought provoking and awesome graphic article you’ve got here, Robert 😀

    • Rahburt says:

      well said Sam. you just said what i was thinking :). we do all have different personalities and desires. it does ultimately boil down to you and what you want whether it be considered normal or abnormal. as long as you are happy and content then that’s all that matters. we could be happy paupers even :). great feedback food lady 😉

  8. Sam Han says:

    😉 Have a great week ahead!

  9. jayworling says:

    Love this post… That timeline describes my family perfectly and I have been for years in a very small way fighting (a losing battle) against mediocrity. .. everyone is or has been there in some way and it so easy to slide back as you are trying to move forward. Be the best you you can be – Live bigger, love more, be more

    • Rahburt says:

      Glad you can appreciate it :). It is a difficult fight and I do believe each of our battles are different based on the goals and desires we each have. Agreed, best the best YOU can be, not be what you think society says you should be.

  10. shianwrites says:

    Boy oh boy, have I missed a lot. This speaks to me. I pray i do something about it. Awesome post.

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