An Artistic Friend, Alanna Vanacore

Posted: January 10, 2014 in Artistic
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An Artistic Friend, Alanna Vanacore

These works below belong to 25 year old Alanna Vanacore, a friend of mine from my hometown Ormond Beach, Florida. I first discovered her talented pieces through her Facebook and Instagram page. She recently relocated to Brooklyn, New York to pursue her artistic dreams further. Her love of art began as a child due largely in part to her mother being a painter also. She says she used acrylics at the early age of 6. Today Alanna mainly uses graphite and charcoal for her drawings, and oils and acrylics for her paintings. Some her favorite artists include: Jenny Saville, John Currin, Egon Schiele, and Lucian Freud.

  1. wow, she’s amazing!!!! I wish nothing but the best in pursuing her dream… Why is she so sad?

  2. atrandom37 says:

    I wish Alanna all the best. The Brooklyn arts scene is quite eclectic and I know that she will find a lot of encouragement and inspiration here. Would be cool to see her exhibit at one of the local galleries. Thanks for posting – I love the seriousness of her work and her attention to detail. You can tell that she put forth a lot of effort and emotion into the pieces. Pass along this website to her – I don’t know the fella personally but he does help promote local artists. She might make a few good connections and even have her work displayed!

    • robertmudge says:

      oh wow, i didn’t realize you were so familiar with the area and so much very kind of you to share. i”ll definitely pass this information along to her. would be awesome if something comes of it. i totally agree with your description of her work. you can feel them.

  3. Wow!! Beautiful works!! Jenny Saville, Egon Schiele, and Lucian Freud; she has some good taste. I can especially see inspirations from Schiele’s skinny figures.Saville’s the exact opposite of Schiele. But the palette of natural hues of pinks, browns and peaches definitely resemble all three of them.

    • robertmudge says:

      i think so too buddy. so glad to hear you agree, and from a person like yourself that seems to be familiar with the art world. very keen eye you have there sir.

  4. Cheeni says:

    Hello Rahburt!
    Long time that I bumped into your blog…love this.
    Not sure if you even remember me tho 🙂

  5. You have a very talented friend!! 😀 She’s got an interesting style of art, and there’s a lot character in the faces and body language of her subjects – I like that! Makes them really stand out. I almost get the feeling they’re going to become animated at any minute! 😉 I’d love to be able to do faces in art. I’m quite good at flowers and trees, and have tried a bit of abstract, but really, I’d love be able to do people. I find even the thought of that a little intimidating though. It’s probably just a lack of confidence in that subject, not something I’ve studied deeply enough, because there was a time when I didn’t think I could do art at all – and that wasn’t true, but just something I believed to be true. Art is all about shapes and shadows, light and dark, blended together in the right places, I found once I broke it down into pieces instead of looking at the whole picture at once, I found I could do it. I need to start studying those faces! 🙂

    I noticed you said Alanna used acrylics from the age of six – that probably has a lot to do with why she’s so good. If you get comfortable with something at an early age, I guess there’s no room for intimidating thoughts. And it must help to have a mother who’s an artist too. I wish your friend a lot of luck, and hope she goes a long way with that talent of hers! 🙂

  6. ohmigoodness! ALL of those are drawings/paintings?! incredible..

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