This Billboard Creates Drinkable Water From Existing Humidity!

Posted: December 16, 2013 in Videos-Funny, Music, Misc
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This is awesome! I love seeing technology being used for something as wonderful and useful as this. The billboard shown in this video is real and is Located in Lima, Peru. It literally creates water out of thin air by using a filtration system to convert humidity into 100s of gallons of life sustaining water.

  1. renxkyoko says:

    My father had seen quite a few in the Philippines. The Philippines is soooooo humid ! ! The people there don’t need moisturizers.

  2. aFrankAngle says:

    What a fabulous find … and cheers to the idea and its success.

    Hey Robert —- I invite you and your readers to my holiday party on Saturday!

  3. Ajaytao2010 says:

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  4. Oh my goodness, you always find the most inspiring stuff. Thanks for sharing.

  5. That’s hard to believe it’s real!! 😯 A true life saver!! It does makes sense, there are plenty of water droplets floating around in the atmosphere, we just don’t think of it much – until it’s annoying. We can get some real horrible humid conditions in the summer in Britain, a lot of humidity here. It’s something I really hate,makes me feel very lethargic. What I need is a machine like this in my home, and then I could collect it all, leave me free to breathe the drier air, and turn it into drinking water! Sounds perfect to me, I never drink the tap water anyway – might be a lot cheaper than buying it too! πŸ™‚

    • robertmudge says:

      amazing right!? this what i love, when we use our advancements to help advance other’s lives that are in need and/or less fortunate. ha, i hear women complain about it’s effect on their hair. right there with you, florida gets more than it’s fair share of humidity. humidity does pack a punch huh. what a great idea! i know they do make dehumidifiers that help eliminate humidity in your house

      • Oh yes, humid air and hair – aahh! 😑 I get that a lot, I leave the house with straight hair, arrive at my destination with curly hair – not funny! Total waste of energy using a hair straightener! 😐 I have heard of dehumidifiers, I don’t know how they would work when the humidity is caused by the weather (with windows open) but I’m sure they would deal with a house that isn’t letting go of moisture. My family lived in a house like that once, mold took over, nearly killed us all. That was a foundation problem, don’t think future owners ever really solved it. It needed demolition! Strange how water seems to save and destroy, it’s all about the right quantity at the right time. But not if your a mermaid of course! πŸ˜‰

      • robertmudge says:

        haha, then stop trying to fight the humidity then :D. yeah, i think the dehumidifier would still help more than nothing at all. oh wow, i’ve never thought about moisture doing such damage as that. very thought provoking statement you made there… Strange how water seems to save and destroy. ha, or any sea dwelling creature for that matter πŸ˜›

      • Oh yes, mold relies on a lot of water to keep growing. That house used to sweat water from the brick, come through the plaster and drip down the walls. We literally had mushrooms trying to grow out of the walls. Sounds like a horror movie doesn’t it? ‘The House That Dripped Blood’ comes to mind! Both my mum and I got really serious asthma. We were rehoused by the local council – eventually. Although I don’t think anyone really cared if we all died in there. πŸ™„ We were given a newly built house after my dad threatened to take our story of the council ignoring our desperate state and telling us there was nothing wrong with the house to the local newspapers. πŸ˜‰ There was a theory in the village that there was a deep well full of water directly underneath. Plenty of water there!

        But if I’d been a mermaid, I might have enjoyed that moisture – and even the mushrooms! πŸ˜€

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