Make Grilled Cheese Rolls In 4 Simple Steps

Posted: November 7, 2013 in How to...
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grilled cheese rollsGrilled Cheese Rolls

Yup, I’m I’m sharing a food post with you. These grilled cheese rolls were too tasty and too easy to make not to share, and made in 4 simple steps. We also made our own tomato soup to go along with, but today I’m just going to share with you how to make these dipping friendly cheese delights.

How to make the grilled cheese rolls:

  1. Flatten white bread or bread of choice (crust optional)
  2. Put cheese of your choice on top and then roll the bread
  3. Heat some butter on medium heat in skillet
  4. Place roll seem side down and cook to your liking

Done! Then it’s just cheesy bliss from here.

  1. So… Tomorrow is the tomato soup day, then?

  2. I’ve not heard of grilled cheese rolls made from flattening bread, that’s a really interesting idea, I’ll have to give that a try. Sounds like perfect comfort food! 😉 And the soup? For another day maybe!? I love tomato soup, but it doesn’t like me much, makes my stomach feel a little weird afterwards, must be something to do with age, because it used to be one of my favourite soups as a child – oh, and not to forget cream of chicken soup!! 😀
    I love making soups, I’ve created a whole load of recipes for them now, mainly vegetable ones, they seem to be the easiest to make. Have you ever tried sweet potato and butter-nut squash soup? I’d not heard of those vegetables until about 5 years ago, I’m sure they were sold in Britain, but just not very popular until recently. And it’s strange that recipe actually tastes a little bit like tomato soup with milk or cream added.

    Funny you should do a post including soup, because I went to see a cousin of mine last weekend, and I took some home-made soup with me, we wasted a few hours in great conversation eating soup and blueberry muffins, and cups of tea with the sound of a real crackling open fire. I should do things like that more often, it was really relaxing – and such a cheap afternoon out!! 😀

    • robertmudge says:

      oh it was delightful. and it was a cloudy evening too so it made it even better. if you read the comment to smittenwithhim i shared the tomato soup recipe :). i guess i may start sharing our creations for often because they are quite yummy. ha, is it any and every type of tomato soup that does it? no i have not tried that one, but it sounds delicious though. i bet it is creamy, especially with the sweet potatoes in it.

      oh wow, that sounds fantastic! what a great recipe for a great afternoon 🙂

      • Ah yes, I see the recipe – interesting ingredients, a dash of liquid smoke? Sounds more like a spell!! 😀 I think that’s the same flavour they spray on bacon, unless it’s traditional oak smoked bacon. I didn’t know about that until a few years ago, I thought if it said smoked, it was smoked, but apparently not. And they might put it in some cheeses as well.

        Yes it’s all tomato soup, probably some kind of indigestion, it’s hard to explain it really, just feels like I’m too full too quick – an unpleasant pain. My dad used to get that too, so I must have inherited his tomato soup intolerance – sounds a bit crazy! 😐 I also need to avoid tomatoes and other fruits that have citric acid, as it attacks my skin, turns it very dry and painful. Me and food have had a very strange relationship at times over the years!

        I’ll look forward to your other recipes if you decide to share any more! 🙂 Do you do much cooking?

      • robertmudge says:

        haha, i know right. i was fresh out since i just used it in all my Halloween spells. ah i see, thanks for the knowledge :).

        it’s not crazy :). ha, look out Suzy, food is after you! awesome, good to know. i’d like to and i did before my accident but right now the kitchen setup isn’t accessible enough to let me get at it 😉

      • Oh, that’s not good! 😦 Kitchen’s are very expensive rooms and complicated to get right for someone accessing everything from a wheelchair. My Mum had a few problems with that too. The place she was allocated by the local council to live in when she got to the wheelchair stage was initially presented to her as a conversion for a disabled person, but when she got to see it, it wasn’t at all, just the local council lying, like they usually do! 😐 Somehow all the men in the family got their tools out, lowered the cupboards, and altered a whole load of other things, and it all came together – but I still don’t know how she managed to get in that tiny kitchen and do what she did. A bit of luck came into it I think! 🙂

      • robertmudge says:

        that stinks when organizations make such promises and then you find it to be completely false. thank goodness for men and tools huh ;). she had determination!

  3. BeWithUs says:


    Have a cheesy and yummy weekend ahead, my friend! Cheers~ 😀

  4. Why hasn’t anyone thought about this before. Sure to be a winner with my teenager. Also thanks for dropping by and reading my Savoury Mince recipe.

    • robertmudge says:

      Ha, know right. Don’t get me wrong I’m a fan of the good ole fashioned grilled cheese, but these were really good :). And you’re welcome.

  5. It won’t allow me to like your work. I’m so going to try this, it looks yummy.

  6. Sam Han says:

    Well well well, you cook! 😀 Looks delicious!

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