Happiness is Success

Posted: November 1, 2013 in Relationships & Life
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happiness is success


happiness is success


  1. Sam Han says:

    It is good to see and hear you 😀 happy weekend ahead Robert!

  2. Well, that’s a very good message Robert!! 😀 And I think we are all naturally inclined to measure our success against other people’s success – or what they present as success. Some of those celebrities apparently have little slaves to run their Facebook and Twitter accounts, and fake comments are posted to make them look like they are at the top, which of course encourages people attracted to those kind of successful people to post more comments, and then they really are ‘successful’. I feel that a lot of public figures are not as much of a success we think they are, someone is just promoting them so much, it looks like they must be! So if we look to that kind of success to measure up to, then we could be measuring up to nothing at all!

    Thanks for the message, it was good timing, I’m about to get back to writing the novels I’ve had on hold since I’ve been building up my blog in the last year. Writing, and even planning those books is what makes me most happy, so if I take on board what you’ve said here – do you think I’ll be a success? 🙂

    I certainly agree that what makes you happy, is to you success, because something that someone else may see as success, may not feel like it to you, so it may as well not be, no matter how many others feel it is. I hope that makes sense! 🙂

    • robertmudge says:

      thank you!!! honored to receive your approval of it. i agree, and i must periodically remind myself to snap out of it and not have my mind contaminated with such ideas. very good point about the little people running their social media sites. i bet half of them would trade in their supposed fame and success. i posted a post a while back about Jim Carrey that discussed such things.

      awesome!! so glad to hear they make you so happy. yes very much so. you already are a success then 🙂

      yes that totally makes sense! happiness is very subjective and everyone has differing preferences. working out makes me happy, while it may be horrible to others 😀

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