50 Insane Facts About Hair

Posted: October 18, 2013 in Awesome Infographics
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50 Insane Facts About Hair


  1. atrandom37 says:

    Some of these made me chuckle!

  2. Interesting, I didn’t know about them. I am smart and serios 😀 Have a lovely week-end!

  3. per mare... says:

    Interesting indeed, this one intrigued me…”Hair cross-sections can be used to tell what race or ethnic origin you are”…Asian – round, African – flat, European – oval…image having all three heritages in your genes, so to speak or even more mystifying, none? Today I have once again windy-weather hair, ie, boofy! Solution? Ponytail! 😉 Have an insanely, hair-raising weekend.

  4. There’s a lot of facts here – fascinating! 😀 I’m so glad I’ve only ever eaten one bagel in my entire life so far (didn’t like it much) and that I’ve hardly ever eaten pizza, because the thought of chewing on some elements from someone else’s hair is an extreme turn off when it comes to enjoying food!! And soy sauce too – aaahhh!! 😯

    I’ve heard about the horse urine in hair dyes before, in fact I think they may still use it, or perhaps it’s a synthetic version today. I use hair dye, but somehow the thought of horse pee on my head for a little while is a lot less repulsive than some unknown element in my pizza dough! Funny how one thing can be repulsive and something else not seem so bad – unless I’m just a weirdo, and I secretly like horse pee!! 😉 But I’m very glad I was never a Roman girl who had to dye her hair blonde – bird poo doesn’t appeal much! 😆

    And human hair used to clean up oil spills – interesting that it soaks it up, but where on earth does all this hair come from for all these useful things it’s used for? I’m taking a guess here, but maybe hairdressers sell all those cuttings!

    There’s one fact missing though! Did you know that parsnips make hair grow faster and thicker? I accidentally discovered that about a year ago, when I experimented with making some parsnip soup. I have a thing about creating smooth blended soup recipes, especially vegetable ones. I was avoiding a parsnip recipe because I’d always hated them so much! I started out by roasting the parsnips first, as this altered their flavour. But I’m used to it now and I’ve finally got over my dislike of parsnips, especially when I noticed it was healing my skin. Yes, it really did heal a 15 year battle I had with severe dry skin on my hands, it really was horrible to live with, so many products caused severe irritation, and it was very painful too. My hands look completely normal in this last year, but if I stop eating parsnip soup, the dry skin starts creeping back! And in the process of discovering how amazing that little vegetable was, after about 6 months I noticed my slightly thinning hair (which I thought was age related) had grown back thicker and stronger, and nails grow faster too – but that bonus is a little annoying! My brother swears that his hair has stopped receding since he tried it too. If I could sell it in bottles I think it could be a miracle success – but ssshhhh, don’t tell anyone it just horrible parsnips!! 😀

    • robertmudge says:

      I know right! I love little random facts like this. Ha, you should inform people of these things after they put down there bagels and pizza 🙂
      Synthetic horse pee aye, ha. Yup they say urine is sterile. It is interesting how we have differing repulsive things to each of us also. Ha, and you’re correct!! No to bird poo! 😛

  5. unclerave says:

    I’m surprised my hair grows at all! — YUR

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