Jealousy Explained

Posted: October 15, 2013 in Great Images Minus My 2 Cents
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  1. You know, I’ve never been in the habit of counting other peoples blessings! 🙂 I was discussing jealousy with a friend of mine a few months ago, and we both agreed that it had never even entered our minds to be jealous of someone else’s life. We know what we want in our lives, and that’s all that matters. I don’t want another persons life. And anyway, what looks good to us from a distance may not be so great to them, or to us if we had it. But very true, this is what jealousy really is – and what a terrible waste of brain energy to concentrate on counting other peoples blessings! Anything that occupies our minds that much is actually stealing valuable thought time for ourselves – that might actually one day cause us to have some of our own blessings! 🙂

    • robertmudge says:

      well i salute you Suzy! there comes times when i have to snap myself out of it when i’m looking at what others have or what they are able to do. and i just said the same thing the other day, about us wanting what they have and they perhaps wanting what we have…it’s a vicious cycle of discontentment. very wise commentary you have made here 🙂

      • I can understand you feeling like that in your circumstances Robert, it must be very frustrating for you, so many things in life you must want to do. It makes sense to me that you would really struggle with that!
        Financially I have very little, and it’s been like that for years, and that alone can be very limiting. But I have a few people in my life (two of those are relatives) who financially are very well off. But you know – I wouldn’t want to swap a minute of their life for mine, because mentally they are not at peace, and they’ve had so much for so long, if it was all gone tomorrow they wouldn’t know how to cope. It’s as if their money has become their own personality. So I guess that’s something I have they haven’t. I know how to live with very little, and that believe it or not can be a very valuable thing to have learnt! I haven’t given up hope of being in a better position one day, but if I ever find myself there, the scary thought I have is (will I forget who I used to be?) And I suppose I won’t know that until I’m actually there! 🙂

      • robertmudge says:

        Yeah I struggle with that sometimes, but I surprisingly get more frustrated with the limitations I have due to my financial deficits. That takes an insightful and wise person to realize what you did there about them not having the mental peace that you have. From the outside they make look happy but looks can deceiving. And I think the fact that you’re conscious of all that, that you wouldn’t lose your identity if money came into your life. Have ever submitted your email on my newsletter deal to show you how to make money with your WordPress blog?

      • I did look at your links you have here about how to make money through your blog some time ago. I thought it was an interesting idea, but I think I got a bit lost somewhere as to what exactly it was all about, and how it worked. I don’t think I could use something like that right at this moment, for a number of reasons, but maybe in a few months I might be able to. It would be very interesting to see what your newsletter says Robert, so yes, you can send it to my email, the one that’s listed with my comments here, that’s not my personal email, but the one I use for all my internet connections. If you have any problems sending it, just let me know! 🙂

      • robertmudge says:

        Well you are already ahead of the game because you have a good amount of traffic headed towards your blog. Ha, well the newsletter should help explain it a bit more and/or I can clear up anything you need to know. Alright if I can find that email I’ll send it your way ;).

      • robertmudge says:

        Oh and you may want to put your email in yourself in one of those capture links because there is a video immediately following when you do. Just think it may help you understand more that’s all. Just looking out for ya 🙂

  2. OK, I’ve put my email in – it’s a kind of a spooky sounding email!! 🙂 It doesn’t contain my name or my user name, but it is the one I use for all my internet sign ups. I’m not sure my blog will have the same level of traffic as it has done, as I’m taking a bit of a step back for a time, while I concentrate on writing some novels. I shall still be publishing posts and be around to read and comment, but just not as much as I have done. But I’ll certainly have a read of your newsletter. Is it a one off, or a regular newsletter?

    • robertmudge says:

      haha, spooky! ah i see, well it also has the ability to teach you how to market your books and such later too. i believe it sends out a total of 10+emails. did you watch the initial video?

      • Oh, how to market books, that sounds interesting! I’m not sure yet if I’ll be self publishing or not. I feel I want to go towards finding a literary agent and through the main publisher route, and if that fails then I’ll go for the self publishing. And if that falls flat on it’s face, I’ll just give it away!!! Not much else you can do by that point! 😀

        Ten emails, right – I’ll have a lot of reading to do!! I’ve received two so far and I’ve had a brief look, just need to get back to them now, and read the information when I haven’t got a thousand other thoughts running round my head – kind of spoils my concentration! My brother often says “Did you read my email?” and I normally reply “What email!?” Since having a blog I’ve found myself so busy – too busy really, and I often forget about checking emails. And when I do get to read his email, I find there’s actually six!! 😆

        Yes I saw what you meant about the video, and I did watch it – quite a long video, he could have done with an editor on some of that, especially at the beginning! But I stuck with it and it did help explain quite a bit more about the whole thing. Videos are very useful tools, we’d be lost without them now! 😀

        When I’ve read your emails, I’ll send you one back and let you know my thoughts on it all, would that be OK?

      • robertmudge says:

        well really it teaches you the skills to market anything, even yourself 🙂 ha, well at least you have a plan. those are a must!

        yup, they’ll be spread out over time though. i hear you sometimes my inbox can be quite intimidating :. ha, my dad is the kind of sending forwards, i don’t even bother with them anymore.

        i feel the same way! i like my information short and sweet. i’m glad you stuck it out though and found it to be informative 🙂

        yes that’s fine. take your time 🙂

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