Derek Rabelo Surfing Blind!!

Posted: August 30, 2013 in Videos-Funny, Music, Misc
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This is a short trailer for a movie called Beyond Sight. The movie is centered around a blind man from Brazil named Derek Rabelo. I was and am still amazed at what he is doing.

Beyond Sight Trailer from WalkingOnWater on Vimeo.

  1. Chatty Owl says:

    Bloody hell. Thats amazing. Puts us, simple complaining idiots, to shame.

  2. We have no excuse. Amazing!

  3. Oh wow – amazing Derek!!! 😀 How does he do that, nothing to hold onto at all? He must have an amazing sense of direction, and be using parts of his brain that we probably never need to use! There seems to be so many surfers out there with disabilities that never stop them from doing what they want! I find stories like these very inspirational, because it’s so easy to feel weighed down by the problems that life throws us all, and feel restrictions that sometimes are not as real as they seem, but seeing something like this is a good reminder that humans (and sometimes animals too) can be so resourceful and get round almost any problem to reach for what they want! 🙂

    You know I mentioned my mum in your last surfing post? Well it’s strange you should choose a video of a blind man for this one, because being blind is something I know a lot about. In the last year of my mum’s life she had a brain tumour that as well as other alarming symptoms caused her to go completely blind within a few weeks – very stressful time for us all. But she was such a strong woman, no ‘why me’ – she just quietly accepted what was happening and adjusted her entire lifestyle. I went with her to visit a blind residential home that she considered moving to, and it was so bizarre to walk into a world where most of the people who lived there were blind, and amazing to see how they all adapted, an experience I’ll never forget!

    I actually had a blind man in the street ask me the way to Poundland (a discount store) the other week, while I was having a conversation on my phone at the same time! I explained in as much detail as I could where he needed to go. He thanked me, turned around to go where I directed him, and I finished up my conversation, and I suddenly panicked – what did I do that for!? I should have taken him there, he might not find it, it was only 3 shops away from were I was standing. And when I turned round to see where he was, he was neatly turning into the doorway of the shop – very clever man! And what a relief! But I wondered how he found anything in the shop? I’m guessing he must ask wherever he goes – what a life, certainly put all my problems in the shade! 🙂

    • Rahburt says:

      i thought the same thing thing. he must have had another sense kick in to compensate for his loss of vision. i’ve heard that is a thing. and you’re it’s amazing to see humans and animals alike thrive through their disabilities and hardships.

      that’s incredible that your mom was able to keep such a strong mind and resolve when blindness struck her so suddenly. i could not imagine. she seems to be a great example and a strong person for you to have been around.

      haha, i love that you second guessed yourself. i wonder if the guy was pleased with your directions or wanted to be lead. i bet he was happy with the directions though. those type of thrive on their ability to be independent as possible anyways. i guess you know you give great directions now :P, even the blind can follow them

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