The Super Supercapacitor

What is The Super Supercapacitor?

The Super Supercapacitor was one of 20 finalists in GE’s Focus Forward Films, a project that profiled 30 innovative ideas and the people behind them in three-minute films.

This short film looks at technology that could also us to charge our phone, tablet, or laptop in 30 seconds and have it work all day long. Ric Kaner and his team accidentally made this discovery while working on a new way to generate graphene, a material used in carbon nanotubes. This stumbled upon breakthrough in power storage holds the promise to change the world.

We ideally would like our rechargeable electronic devices to be capable of high energy storage and fast charging, the best of both worlds. That is what the super supercapacitor can deliver. Additionally, it is made with Graphene, a carbon polymer that does not contain toxic metals like batteries we use today. They are environment friendly and are not only biodegradable, but also compostable.

You can watch the film to hear Kaner explain how the super supercapacitor could change the world:

This work is most certainly in the research phase, with many groups chasing the almost unlimited power that the super supercapacitors has the ability to offer. Whomever solves this problem will have the entire world as its customers due to its real world application.

Technology like this would allow electronic devices like cell phones and tablet computers to be charged in seconds and hold a charge longer than standard batteries.

Eventually the technology can be scaled up and directly effect electric cars or storage devices for wind turbines and solar collectors. It currently takes hours to charge an electric car. The super supercapacitor would allow its users to “refuel” them as quickly as one can a gasoline powered car.

  1. That was interesting – I love the idea of charging my phone for thirty seconds! Personal phones are a real pain when it comes to charging them, I try to be organised and remember, but not always, and there is nothing like discovering the phone is on it’s last bit of power just before you leave the house! 😐 And throwing away old batteries in the compost bin and using them to grow the vegetables sounds a very neat idea – hard to imagine life like that though. But even harder to imagine myself growing vegetables actually!! 😀

    • Rahburt says:

      ha, yeah i was give people a hard time when their phone dies as i’m talking to them. i’m like come on you knew it was dying! that’s my favorite part, the fact that they are so environmentally friendly. haha, get out in the garden woman!

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