This video not only because not only is it super funny, but it also very true…at least for me it is. This fantastically funny video What kind of Asian are you? looks at the ignorance of assuming someone is foreign based on appearance. I never know the politically correct term when asking someone where they are from from??…Like do you say what’s your heritage? Where are your parents from? What’s your ethnicity?

And I completely love her reaction to the white American guy’s question by asking him where he was from from. Of course he goes straight to saying he’s from America, and she responds with oh so you are Native American? Think about that for a second we are Americans are also foreigners unless we are the truly Native American.

  1. Summer says:

    Sweet you,

    I’ve an award for you, for the person who you are and the things you share with the world

    Thank you for that..

    Namasté, Summer

  2. Hilarious! (And I just said that in a proper English accent!) 😉
    I’ve never met anyone talking to someone like that, but I’m sure it happens! And we are all from somewhere else at some time! (Her accent was a little over the top of course, but very good indeed!!!) 😀

    My dad used to ask people a lot where they were from, out of curiosity and fascination with what countries people may be from – but only if he detected an accent that told him that! 🙂 I think he developed that habit, because when he came across the sea from Ireland to England in 1947 as a young man starting a new life, he worked in London and nearly everyone was a foreigner. They were all asking each other where they were from – that was normal to my dad to ask that question!

    But it’s something even today at 45, I find it an uncomfortable question to ask people unless they mention something about home (meaning where they are from!) For my generation in the UK it has been seen as a bit arrogant to ask where someone is from, even if they have a strong accent. It’s odd how different generations feel differently about a simple question and also different countries – what acceptable in one country, isn’t in another.

    Strangely, I’m finding with blogging, the question “Where are you from?” feels quite natural now – in text! 😀

    P.S. I see you’ve changed you comments box – nice an easy now!

    • Rahburt says:

      haha, great English accent you have there. exactly, it’s too big of a world for it not to have happened in some sort of way like that. i do it, but i just don’t take it that far. i’m just curious. that’s a great story about your dad and totally makes sense why he we would and could ask. i’ve never had someone come back and quiz me after i asked them, but if they did i think it would hilarious and we’d instantly be friends. that is pretty crazy how different cultures and countries view the question. awe, i think you should say heck with it and ask if you want :). i have found that some people like their anonymity here and sometimes don’t like to say. ha, i guess it just took a while for my commands to be followed by wordpress 🙂 glad it’s fixed though. i didn’t like when it was difficult for you all.

  3. Sam Han says:

    hahaha… funny!

  4. shianwrites says:

    Where are your people from? Hahahaa 😀

  5. ashadeofpen says:

    hahha I had seen this one…. you must see videos by Smosh Rob…you will be sprawled on ur floor laughing.. i tie seat belts when i watch their video…and this lady she scared me a little..she got so “wild” but cracking funny.. 🙂

    • Rahburt says:

      i’ll have to go check them out. haha, tie seat belts aye. she was awesome wasn’t she. they have an outtake video too.

      • ashadeofpen says:

        ya…tie them or else you will end up tripping like I did 😛 I trip a lot.. i walk on the streets and Wham I fall 😛

        I had seen another video of theirs… do not remember the specifics however… and yes she was good.. I get hyper like her too..must be an “asian” thing 😛

      • Rahburt says:

        haha, i love your honesty about your clumsiness. maybe you should practice on a balance beam before attacking those tricky streets :). ha, that’d be fun to see you all hyper and bouncing around like the bunny you are.

  6. edelweiss says:

    Hilarious!!! 😀

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