During a 5 month stint on the International Space Station a Canadian astronaut named Chris Hadfield documented his time by posting  Twitter photographs and YouTube videos (Both of these grew immensely following his posts from space). And to celebrate his last day aboard the craft he released a rendition of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity.” Once the video was uploaded to YouTube it was viewed more than a million times in the 18 hours.

The “Space Oddity” cover was something Hadfield had wanted to do and had began planning for before he left earth on December 19. Due to a healthy dose of international copyright issues, he needed to work with Bowie himself and his team, NASA and the Canadian Space Agency before his launch in December.

Some may ask why he would do this. Chris Hadfield hinted at some possible reasoning in a different farewell-to-space video: “Who’d have thought that five months away from the planet would make you feel closer to people?” he asked. “Not closer because I miss them — just closer because seeing this [experience] this way and being able to share it through all the media that we’ve used has allowed me to get a direct reflection back immediately from so many people. … It makes me feel like I’m actually with people more, that we’re having a conversation. That this experience is not individual, but it’s shared and it’s worldwide.”

I believe this also was an amazing way to put the space program back on the map. Especially, with the recent closing of the Space Shuttle Program.



  1. Awesome video, and good to see another version of the song too! 😀

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