1. Tutti says:

    Quotation depository 😉 Thank’s for collecting!

  2. This rocks!! I want it as my wall paper!! How can I do that? Do you know sweetness? XO

    • Rahburt says:

      I think I can make one for you using photoshop. I think the hefty dose of soulshine you’ve given me over the past month or so warrants it 😉

      • Awe thanks!! But you need to get used to the love from me.. fo reals… it’s how I roll. Soulshine is something people need. It is something people don’t know they need… so that’s why I’m here, to give it and spread the shine!!

        And, you are one of my favorite friends.. here in the WP, and TL and maybe in real life someday… don’t go out of your way to make anything for me though.. only if you have time and it’s easy!! Of course I super appreciate you!! Love you too!! XOXO

      • Rahburt says:

        what a great thing to get used to! 😀 i think people know they need that just haven’t found a you to get it from 😉

        thank you!! i could say the same of you, and don’t forget FB too :). and don’t worry i’ll work on it here and there. thev appreciation and love is mutual 😉

      • Awe.. you just made me smile real big!! 🙂


      • Hey did you see that Tweet where I said, ‘can you see my soulshine in this pic?’ and there is a pic of me? I forgot to put your @give.. on the tweet so you would see it cause I wanted to know if you could find my soulshine in the pic… just something fun! I was wondering… if you could see it… 🙂


      • Rahburt says:

        I like making you smile real big. That just inspired a Tweet. You’ll see it soon and it’s due to you :).

        I just went and checked out that pic. AND YES I could totally see it! That’s awesome. You better not be photoshop fooling me, ha. To be honest I see it every picture 🙂

      • Photoshop my soulshine!?!?!?!? Oh NO NO NO!! Blasphomy!! My soul is offended!! (haha)

        I really should have gotten it much bigger on my arm, but it was my very first tatoo and I was a little scared. Yes, even this fearless girl… was scared that it may hurt like hell…. so I went a little small with the word.

        Cute that ‘Soulshine’ was my first tat, huh?
        I was 29 when I got it…

        I’m thinking of adding more to it, like a big, wicked, dope ass looking sun with curly fire and shades of orange and red… 🙂

      • Rahburt says:

        Haha, just making sure. Tell it I apologize. Awwww, wittle J was scared :P. Well it’s suitable that it was your first though. Yes, very cute ang

      • HAHA.. yep.. I was nervous my first tat, but after I realized how freakin tough of a chick I am, I am long over that… obviously, and 8 tatoo’s later…

        But my soulshine, will always be my first.. and always be so very important to me.. I am soulshine… People know my soulshine!! It’s who I am… 🙂

      • Rahburt says:

        so you are saying didn’t realize you were tough until you were 29?? ha. you soulshine is one your most shining traits 😀

      • Thanks babe! That’s so nice to say!! I love it when my soul shines… 🙂

      • Rahburt says:

        Whoops. It sent before I was done…cute and appropriate. So you got it last year then?

        Haha, sounds extravagant. That was cute too 😉

      • Um, I was 29 when I got my first, my soulshine.. so three years ago… ((Shhhhh)) I know what you’re thinking… “Jen doesn’t look 31, about to turn 32 at all!!… No way!! She can’t possibly be, well, she is very wise, so maybe… but really…?”

        that’s what you’re thinking, right?

        🙂 haha.. I’m funny..

      • Rahburt says:

        ha, that was me giving you a compliment! but now i know you are a psychic because you totally just quoted my inner dialogue. get out of my head J! 🙂 haha, yes you are definitely funny. loved that!

      • Laughter is the best feeling… 🙂

  3. Chaotiqual says:

    Reblogged this on Chaotiqual and commented:
    Pretty cool quotes there matey, I love this one: “Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly. — Morticia Addams” I know how the fly feels because I hate spiders.

    • Rahburt says:

      i’ve got a vault of these and a FB page with them too if you are interested you can have a looksy at them. good choice, that is one of my favorites. i’ve used in countless conversations lately, especially when someone tries to tell me what normal is. hope you are enjoying your visit here to the states 🙂

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