World’s First Braille Smartphone In The Works

Posted: April 29, 2013 in Technology
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The world’s first braille smartphone for the visually impaired is here. Soon, they will be able to read SMSes and emails on a phone that will convert all text into Braille patterns.

Sumit Dagar, the products innovator proclaims “We have created the world’s first Braille smartphone”. This product will provide an innovative ‘touch screen’ which will translate incoming messages by elevating and depressing the contents into ‘touchable’ patterns.

Dagar came up with the idea for the phone three years ago. Right now he is working with IIT Delhi on the prototype. The hopeful release date will be by the end of 2013, for about $185.

How the World’s First Braille Smartphone Works


A) The smartphone uses Shape Memory Alloy technology, based on the idea that metals remember their original shapes and can morph between the desired textures.

B) The phone’s ‘screen’ has a grid of pins, which move up and down to represent a character or letter.

C) This screen will be able to form patterns in Braille.

D) All other elements will not not be comparable to any other smartphone.

You can watch Sumit Dagar’s TED Talk about the world’s first braille smartphone below:



  1. Jaclyn Anne says:

    that is awesome! It’s about time they made a braille smartphone — and that price ain’t bad at all!

  2. shianwrites says:

    It’s about time. This a great idea!

  3. GrowlTigger says:

    How have I not heard of this before? I shall have to start paying more attention to technology developments! Thanks for sharing this, it is an amazing breakthrough.

    • Rahburt says:

      I stumbled upon the other and thought it was awesome too. i think it’s a pretty recent deal, so don’t be hard on yourself 🙂

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