What’s your definition of the term!?

Posted: January 1, 2013 in Reblogged

Funny and true. Well done North to South 🙂

North to South


Slang nowadays is very subjective and sometimes it means what you think it means, but, unfortunately, most of the time, perception is reality. Let me stop with all of these riddles and let me get to the point. What’s your definition of the term ‘hook-up?’ To my understanding, even as a college student, almost everybody has a different meaning when it comes to the phrase ‘hooking-up.’ In my opinion, hooking-up is basically messing around, doing everything/anything but sex. I feel as though maybe I see it that way because ‘hooking-up’ can sum up a whole bunch of sexual activities, whereas the term ‘sex’ can only describe one thing (depending on how you look at it). If I want to say I had sex with somebody, I’ll say just that. Why say ‘hook-up?’ I had this conversation with some of my friends the other day, and we had this very argument…

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